Hannon Biomechanics Forensics Analysis Phoenix, Flagstaff, Arizona, Las Vegas, Nevada, Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas
Hannon Biomechanics Forensics Analysis Phoenix, Flagstaff, Arizona, Las Vegas, Nevada, Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas

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Hannon Biomechanics Analysis


1. Hannon Biomechanics Analysis is a Phoenix area-based Arizona Corporation, providing consulting services and expert witness testimony in detailed biomechanics, functional human anatomy, neurosciences, and medical analyses. In addition to our Phoenix area office, we also have an office in Flagstaff, Az. and satellite offices in Dallas, Tx and Las Vegas, Nv. Our casework includes over 2500 cases since 1988 including cases involving passenger motor vehicle accidents, large commercial truck accidents, pedestrian injuries, industrial injuries, human falls, retail store injuries, surgical implant failures and sports/recreational injuries. Criminal forensics cases addressed include physical assault/homicide including child abuse, spouse abuse, shootings, stabbings and vehicular homicide. Computer modeling of the human body is performed when required in a cost-effective manner (both simulations and renditions).

2. In addition to a strong understanding of Newtonian mechanics and mechanics of materials, Dr. Hannon's human structural/functional anatomy and human physiology education, teaching and research background over 35 years enables him to provide strong comprehensive biomechanical/functional anatomy opinions that cannot be addressed by most other biomechanists.

3. Our core expertise is injury causation biomechanics/functional anatomy relating traumatic forces, moments and torques to tolerance limits for the head, spine and all other human anatomical sites. About 50% of our civil litigation work involves serious personal injury or wrongful death in accidents/incidents which do not involve motor vehicles but rather involves falls, equipment failure, orthopedic implant failure, industrial accidents, retail store accidents or sports/recreational activities. David Bosch Ph. D., mechanical/materials engineering, is involved in some of these matters which require a team approach analysis. HBA injury analyses include medical chart reviews, human dynamics analysis and sometimes product testing in such cases. Hannon Biomechanics Analysis medical opinion is offered by medical doctor specialists (MDs) in pathology, pediatrics, radiology, and neurology.

4. Dr. Patrick R. Hannon has been grant funded by the National Science Foundation, the Air Force Office of Scientific Research and the U.S. Department of Defense. Dr. Hannon is a retired professor and Faculty Emeritus at Northern Arizona University, College of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Dept. of Biological Sciences. He held a tenured full-time faculty position for 28 years at Northern Arizona University prior to his retirement in May of 2008 with faculty emeritus status awarded in 2009. Dr. Hannon has addressed hundreds of injury biomechanics, neurosciences and functional anatomy injury issues and has testified nationwide in over 475 civil and criminal cases in county, state and federal courts since 1988. He has completed faculty fellowships at Wright-Patterson AFB (Ohio) in Biodynamics, Brooks AFB (Texas) in the neurosciences and has accomplished a six month sabbatical at Thomas Jefferson Medical College (Dept. of Neurology) (Philadelphia).

5. Dr. Hannon has co-authored the first textbook published in the United States in forensic biomechanics, entitled  Forensic Biomechanics, (2006; 2008) and additionally serves on the Editorial Board of the international journal entitled the "Journal of Forensic Biomechanics" (sixteen Editorial Board members worldwide) Patrick Hannon. Additionally, Dr. Hannon has been appointed to the Board of Editors for the international journal "Biology, Engineering and Medicine", http://www.oatext.com/Biology-Engineering-and-Medicine-BEM.php#Editorial_Board . Dr. Hannon is active in research paper reviews and is an active contributor of editorials and peer reviewed research papers to these journals.

Dr. Patrick R. Hannon founded Hannon Biomechanics

Dr. Patrick R. Hannon

Dr. Patrick R. Hannon
Editorial Board Membership, Journal of Forensic Biomechanics

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