Hannon Biomechanics Forensics Analysis Phoenix, Flagstaff, Arizona, Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas Hannon Biomechanics Analysis Phoenix, Flagstaff, Arizona, Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas

Biomechanics Forensics Analysis Phoenix Flagstaff Dallas Fort Worth

Biomechanics Forensics Analysis

Hannon Biomechanics Analysis is a Phoenix area based Arizona Corporation, providing consulting services and expert witness testimony in:

  • detailed biomechanics
  • forensics
  • functional human anatomy
  • neurosciences
  • human factors
  • biological and medical simulations
  • medical analyses: With several affiliates/contacts in the areas of 1) Adult Forensic Pathology. 2) Pediatric Forensic Pathology, 3) Pediatric Neuroradiology/Neurology, and 4) Orthopedics

Our civil litigation casework includes over 2300 cases over 30 years including cases involving passenger motor vehicle accidents, large commercial truck accidents, pedestrian injuries, retail store injuries, industrial injuries, human falls, surgical implant failures and sports and recreational injuries

Criminal forensics cases addressed include wrongful death, child abuse, shootings, beatings and vehicular homicide. Computer modeling of the human body in auto accidents is performed when required in a cost effective manner (both simulations and renditions).

Our core expertise is injury biomechanics relating traumatic forces, moments and torques to tolerance limits for the head, spine and all other human anatomical sites. Injury analyses include medical chart reviews, human dynamics analysis and product testing in cases involving personal injury. Hannon Biomechanics Analysis medical opinion when required is offered by MD affiliates.

Hannon Biomechanics Analysis has worked and continues to work with 40-50 vehicle accident reconstructionists in the states of Arizona, Nevada, California and Texas.

Patrick Hannon Biomechanics Forensics Analysis
Consulting services and expert witness testimony in detailed biomechanics, forensics. analysis.

Case Expertise

  • Biomechanical Aspects of Motor
  • Vehicle Accidents
  • Pedestrian Injuries
  • Slips, Trips and Falls
  • Escalator and Elevator Injuries
  • Industrial Accidents
  • Surgical Implant Failures
  • Sports and Recreational Injuries
  • Wrongful Death (Biomechanical and Medical Aspects)
  • Criminal Work (Biomechanical and Medical Aspects)
  • Child and Spouse Abuse
  • Shootings and Beatings
  • Manslaughter and Murder
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